What’s in the Woodwork?

The Many Faces of Wood

Woodwork is a welcome addition to any home and can change something drab into something fab. The biggest issue with wood embellishments is that they are often not treated as they should be. If left to deteriorate, they can start looking shabby. If you aren’t confident in your abilities, it is always best to entrust the task to a professional in the business. ZM Maintenance and Plumbing, the best home maintenance contractor in Ballito, is here to provide you with advice and services that are professional.

Why Treat Wood?

Several factors can impact your wood and cause deterioration on a large scale.

  • Sun’s Rays – the ultraviolet rays and heat weaken the bonds between the lignin, causing the fibres to pull apart. In the short term, prolonged exposure can cause the wood to whiten in colour.
  • Water or Humidity – Moisture leads to the growth of fungi and mould that results in maceration. Moisture weakens a structure built from wood, from the foundations upwards or the inside out.
  • Insects – Woodworms are known to eat through and destroy wooden structures. If not treated, they spread at a phenomenal rate to anything wood in nature.

The Steps

Remember that most wood treatments can only be applied to dry, unfinished wood.

  • Start by stripping off any old finishes present on the wood.
  • Sand using sandpaper and dust off once completed.
  • Either replace or reinforce weakened wooden structures.

Using Oil to Treat Your Wood

Using oil to treat wood doesn’t create a seal. It allows the wood to breathe and has the benefit of looking very natural. One positive effect of using oil is that it provides UV protection. The oils are not limited where aesthetics is concerned. Choose from a clear, colourless oil or a range of oils that have colour pigments added. To achieve the desired results, it is imperative that the finish is prepared for and applied correctly. ZM Maintenance and Plumbing, the best home maintenance contractor in Ballito, has the skill and experience to treat your wood surfaces with oil.

  • Wood must be clean and free of dust.
  • Apply a generous coat of linseed oil. Use a cloth to rub the wood until the wood no longer absorbs the linseed oil.
  • Use a new, clean cloth to polish the wood.
  • Continue this step, changing to new swabs, until the wood is no longer oily to the touch.
  • Allow drying overnight at an ideal temperature of 21 deg. Celsius.
  • One dry, shine the wood with 0000 steel wool.
  • Clean the surface, remove any dust particles, and repeat the process.
  • It may take 3 – 4 applications to achieve the desired effect.

There are many ways to treat the wood or wooden surfaces. It is dependent on the results you want to achieve and the desired finish. In the following posts, we will explore the different wood treatments available besides the oil finish.

Give ZM Maintenance and Plumbing, the best home maintenance contractor in Ballito, a call today to book your appointment. We will evaluate your wood finishes and provide helpful insight into what steps to follow to ensure longevity.

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